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Haymarket Surgery Center vs. Hospital Care

Many patients struggle with the decision to seek care from a hospital or a specialized facility such as a Haymarket surgery center.

What is a Surgery Center?

A surgery center (also known as an ambulatory surgery center) is an outpatient facility that generally specializes in certain surgical procedures for the benefit of its patients.

These places are usually much smaller than a hospital and therefore are able to offer a personalized service to their patients that often gets lost in a bigger facility.

What are the Advantages of Going to a Surgery Center?

There are many advantages of calling a surgery center as opposed to a hospital.

While hospitals may be ideal for a high-risk surgery case, a surgery center is better in the following ways:

  • Lower overhead

  • Fixed costs

  • Generally, cost the patient less

  • Expert care

  • Better opportunity for scheduling/ rescheduling

  • Lower infection rates (on average)

Is it Safe to Have Surgery at a Surgery Center?

Yes, most surgery centers have state of the art equipment and staff who are skilled in performing the most innovative procedures for the health and well being of their patients.

Visit a Haymarket Surgery Center Today

At Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, we have been providing expert services to the Northern Virginia area for over 60 years.

Our team of six surgeons are all university trained and board certified in surgery and are available to offer individualized service for our patients.

We offer a broad range of surgical specialties including general, breast, vascular, thoracic, and bariatric surgery depending on the services you need.

We are highly trained to deliver the top treatments for our patients to help them lead a healthier, happier life. Learn more about the services we offer on our website today.

Call us today to schedule your surgery consultation with a member of our team, 540-347-2805.

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