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The Safest Weight Loss Surgery Near You

Are you interested in weight loss surgery and looking for the safest weight loss surgery near you?

Then keep reading!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of safety measures to look for when researching weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Success

Weight loss surgery is very successful in improving health and longevity. It is also cost-effective because it reduces the need for treatment of obesity-related diseases, and is safer than common surgical procedures such as hernia repair, knee surgery, and an appendectomy.

Quality Improvement

Gastric surgery has come a long way since its first inception. There is now a national accreditation process which means that accredited centers in the United States offer weight loss surgery by highly trained surgeons. Every case is reported in a national database, and risks of the surgery have plummeted in the past decade. Weight-loss surgery today is safer than a hysterectomy or a gallbladder procedure.

It’s Not Just Lap Bands Anymore!

The most commonly known weight loss surgery is the lap band. However, this has fallen out of favor as other, less invasive, and safer procedures have come out. Sleeve gastrectomy and balloon procedures are very common, require little downtime, and have even been shown to reverse Type 2 Diabetes in some patients!

Better Coverage for Weight Loss Surgery

With advances in surgical technologies comes better insurance coverage. For example, all Medicare recipients are eligible for weight loss surgery. These surgeries have been shown to lower the rates of stroke, heart attacks, and death related to obesity. Even non-Medicare insurances are covering weight loss surgeries now as they have been proven to be safer and more effective.

Where to Find The Safest Weight Loss Surgery Near You

Bariatric surgery has gotten safer as new technologies have come out. It has been shown to extend longevity and to get patients into a healthier lifestyle. With many procedures now requiring little downtime to recover from, it is safer and easier than ever to find the safest weight loss surgeries near you.

To learn more about your weight loss surgery options, please call Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists today at 540-347-2805.

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