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Telemedicine Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

The surgical community is revolutionizing the use of telemedicine for weight loss surgery near you.

This is great news for individuals who are preparing for weight loss surgery to complete their pre and post-operative visits while observing social distancing regulations.

Below, we discuss the benefits of telemedicine for patients looking to undergo weight loss surgery.

Less Office Visits

Telemedicine for weight loss surgery patients is providing an opportunity for them to take the steps towards completing their weight loss goals, even despite COVID-19.

In fact, virtual consultations through telemedicine are helping to reduce the frequency with which bariatric surgery patients would have to visit their doctors’ office during the pre-operative process.

The typical pre-operative process would require the patient to return to their doctor’s office many times over a six-month period in order to receive nutritional consultations, exercise consultations, lab work and overall health assessments.

Telemedicine has made it now possible for patients to go through the pre-op process, without having to leave their home as frequently, if at all.

Patient Focused Technology

By offering telemedicine, weight loss surgery offices are providing an opportunity for their patients to receive the care that they want and deserve.

There are, unfortunately, so many offices who are all too focused on the revenue that in-office visits bring in.

At Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, we view our patients as people who deserve the best care and guidance, no matter what, and that is why we are proud to offer telemedicine to all of our patients.

Telemedicine Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

If you are interested in utilizing the telemedicine services we offer at Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, you can visit our website for full information.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them for you.

Call us today for assistance scheduling your virtual appointment at Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists at (540) 347-2805.

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