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Virtual Consult Weight Loss & General Surgery Northern Virginia

COVID-19 has seemed to speed up the correlation between virtual consults for weight loss and general surgery.

Virtual Consult Weight Loss & General Surgery Northern Virginia
Virtual Consult Weight Loss & General Surgery Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists are among the first surgery offices to offer this for their patients’ convenience.

In fact, virtual consultations make deciding if weight loss surgery is your best option as easy as a click of the button!

Benefits of Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations provide an accessible way for patients and doctors to connect during this time when social distancing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Moreover, telemedicine is a way for doctors to see patients who may be currently considered lower priority due to the current pandemic, on their own schedule.

For weight loss surgery patients, telemedicine is an excellent way to complete any post-operative consultations with the many specialists who can help to best prepare you for your surgery session.

General Surgery

Virtual consultations aren’t just for weight loss surgery patients!

This revolutionary technology is a great option for patients who require a doctor’s opinion for general surgery issues as well.

These options can include some of the following services, currently offered by Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists:

· Wound care

· Gastrointestinal issues

· Colonoscopy consultations

· Breast lumps

· Hernias

Virtual Consult Weight Loss & General Surgery Northern Virginia

If you would like to schedule a virtual consultation at Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, all you need is a computer or smart phone to get started!

Simply follow the instructions on our website to schedule an appointment and then follow the instructions to check in for your video visit with a member of our team.

Please note, we do recommend the following tips to make your video experience a pleasant one:

· Have good internet connection

· Restart your device before your visit

· Use the “Start Test” button in the waiting room

Need help? Please do not hesitate to call our office today for additional assistance, (540)347-2805.

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