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Weight Loss Surgery Trends Northern Virginia

Compression garments are the best weight loss surgery trend in Northern Virginia that can protect your surgical results for a smoother outcome.

Why Choose Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight can be a struggle for men and women around the world.

In many cases, medical intervention may be the best course of action to address unwanted weight that may be taking a negative toll on your body, organs, and joints.

Fortunately, there are many surgical options that can encourage weight loss for a healthier physique.

Post Surgery Body Changes

Patients who have undergone surgery for weight loss such as gastric bypass or lap band surgery experience surges of weight loss that continue in the months and years following the procedure.

However, with weight loss also comes changes in the composition of your body including loose or saggy skin.

This is where compression garments can make a huge difference.

What are Compression Garments?

A compression garment is worn around your abdomen to help support your surgical results and to hold your tissues in place as you experience weight loss.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Compression Garment?

There are many benefits to wearing a compression garment during the weight loss process including the following:

  • Supports good posture

  • Promotes healthy circulation

  • Holds loose skin in place

  • Provides steady pressure to the entire treatment area

  • Discretely worn under even form-fitting clothing

  • Typically lightweight and breathable for comfort

Who is a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

There are many different surgical options available today.

To identify which surgical solution might be best for you, it is important to schedule a consultation with a board certified professional with extensive experience performing these surgeries.

Weight Loss Surgery Trends in Northern Virginia

To learn if weight loss surgery is right for you, call Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists today.

We would be happy to schedule a consultation to identify the best treatment plan for your health needs including compression garments where applicable.

Call us today at 540-347-2805.

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